About Us

Our Legacy

A skater gearing up
Photo credit: Joshua Gateley

Established in 2006, the Oklahoma Victory Dolls are Oklahoma’s largest and highest-ranked roller derby league. Our league is the result of the combined talent, leadership, blood, sweat, tears, and heart of the Oklahoma Victory Dolls, the OKC Outlaws, and Oklahoma City Roller Derby. These three leagues have now united under one mission: to provide opportunities for our athletes to compete, excel, and find their strength, both on and off the track.

A skater jamming
Photo credit: Joshua Gateley

Through the work of dozens of skaters and volunteers, our non-profit organization strives to break barriers and dismantle stereotypes that so often govern, and limit, the confidence we have in ourselves and others. We believe in the power of inclusion, respect, service, and sportswomanship to foster community and pursue our larger goals of collective empowerment and athletic excellence.

We are strong.

We are fearless.

We are relentless.

And we will be victorious.

Oklahoma Victory Dolls Roller Derby